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S2E1: Are Women Still Passive With Their Finances?

14 Aug 2020

Who Runs the Finances? Girls!

In the first episode of Season 2, our hosts invite the CEO of Golden Equator Group, Shirley Crystal Chua, onto the show to discuss what finances for women are really like, including investment decisions and catching up with their male counterparts.

Some of our talking points included:

  • How Shirley started out investing (and the very first stock she picked, along with how much she paid for her shares).
  • The financial industry: is it still mostly male-dominated?
  • Why are finances for women hard to approach sometimes?
  • How can we decide which investing method suits us best?
  • How Shirley allocates her funds in investing, and her preferred investing style.
  • How can we start learning how to better manage our finances and investing?

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