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My Mom Fed And Clothed Me, But I Forgot About Her After I Became A Working Adult

by The Simple Sum | 6 May 2024 | 2 mins read

I work long hours at my creative job and there are moments when I will not answer calls from my mother while at work. I also do not reply to her texts until a lot later.

Then I am also late for family gatherings, and I often forget to inform earlier. It took me a few years of behaving like this until one day I was having a meal with my mom, and I noticed how old she looked.

It happened one day when my mom and I were having lunch and she had difficulty getting up from her chair. I was surprised as she was usually the one who headed out of the restaurant faster than me. It was at that moment when I realised that she was no longer the super mom that I always knew.


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It was that turning point that made me realise that I needed to step back from my career and pay attention to her more.

I do not need to earn that much money and be career-focused so much so that I fail to care for what matters in life which is family.

Money or the rat race is no longer the only priority for me and there are other social aspects to life that require good treatment and care too in life.

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