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Consider These Factors Before Moving to Singapore for Work 

by The Simple Sum Team | 9 Jan 2024 | 4 mins read

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Many Malaysians have thought about working in Singapore to advance their career and for better financial prospects. 

But although working in Singapore offers great opportunities, living in another country poses a host of challenges – you will be living there as a non-citizen, and spending in that country’s currency.

So, before taking on a job there, you might want to consider these financial factors: 

Visa, work permits and taxes 

Find out about all the processes and costs involved in obtaining a visa and work permit in your host country.  

You should also check on how much taxes are in Singapore and if you are eligible for any tax reliefs.

Consider These Factors Before Moving to Singapore for Work 

Banking systems 

Find a bank that can solve all your financial needs. For instance, if you have commitments back home (i.e., you have to service your housing loan or transfer money to your loved ones) and have to make multiple transactions every month, you might want to look for a bank that has competitive transfer fees, which guarantees fast transfers for your convenience.  

To avoid money getting ‘lost’ during international transactions, opt for a reputable bank that offers swift and secure real-time transfers. Also check to ensure that you don’t incur any hidden charges as this can affect your take home pay and savings. To protect yourself, go for a bank that is transparent with their fees.

And if you are someone who is always on the go, find a bank that can link all your accounts together for a regional view of your finances, so you can manage your money with ease. This can help you monitor and keep track of your savings, investments, and transactions.


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Thinking of Moving Out?

Living arrangements 

Research rental prices in different areas and scout for the best deal. Remember to keep in mind the distance from your residence to your workplace, or else you could be spending whatever you save from rent on transport instead. 


Cost of living 

Find out what is the cost of living in Singapore so you can estimate how much you will need to spend every month on food, transport, entertainment, and everyday expenses.  


Medical costs 

As medical fees can be costly, check if your future employer covers your health care. If they don’t, you might want to upgrade your existing health insurance policy to ensure you are covered medically. 

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