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Red Flags to Watch Out For to Avoid Being Scammed

22 Mar 2023

Scams are everywhere these days and come in all shapes and forms. The only way we can keep safe is to equip ourselves with the ability to spot one.

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Did you know that as consumers, we are protected on various issues such as misleading and deceptive conduct?

If you have fallen victim to unscrupulous behaviour which led to direct financial losses, you can turn to Ombudsman for Financial Services (OFS) for help (subject to OFS’ jurisdiction).

As an independent body set up by Bank Negara Malaysia, OFS resolves disputes between consumers and financial service providers such as insurance claims, financial scams and unauthorised e-wallet transactions. The best part is that these services are free of charge.

However, if you have a capital market financial dispute and need some help, contact the Securities Industry Dispute Resolution Centre (SIDREC).

SIDREC is an independent and impartial body set up by the Securities Commission of Malaysia to help resolve capital market disputes in Malaysia through mediation and adjudication.