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S1E8: Decoding Workplace Conflicts During WFH ft. Evelyn Chow from Decode HR

9 Jul 2020

Can’t Stand This One Colleague?

In case you thought WFH meant that you had less interpersonal problems to deal with (because you don’t see anyone IRL!)… workplace conflicts still do happen, except that they might be “invisible” problems until it’s far too late. For those who have never had to scuffle in the workplace before but are worried about how to handle it, this podcast episode centers on some common problems that might happen at the office, virtual or not.

We sit down to work out four scenarios and pull in some advice from Decode HR’s Evelyn Chow, including:

  1. Communication problems that lead to misunderstandings
  2. Conflicts that arise from lack of work boundaries (working after 6pm)

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