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#65: Do We Really Need Diamond Rings to Get Married?

6 Oct 2021

Ooh… Shiny! The Price Though…

Most of us associate wedding proposals with diamond rings. But does it need to be the norm?

We gathered our colleagues to share about their thoughts about diamonds, how the diamond industry works and the meaning of engagement rings.

Also included in our discussion are why there is a benchmark for 3 months’ of the man’s salary for the cost of diamond rings and what alternatives we’ll like to see instead? Don’t miss out on this information-packed episode!


00:00 Intro
00:48 What does a diamond ring really mean?
02:53 What we think about lab-grown diamonds
05:10 The truth behind how diamonds are marketed
7:24 How does a guy feel about the 3-6 month benchmark cost of a ring?
8:18 The history of the 3-6 month benchmark
10:07 Did it matter to Sheryl if she got a diamond engagement ring?
11:45 How does Sheryl value her own engagement ring?
14:34 Pris’s experience with engagement ring
15:50 What if your partner gives you an engagement ring you don’t like?
17:01 Advice on getting a diamond ring?

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